AWS Documentation - Headstorm/awok Wiki


How to

How to deploy backend AWS

Go to the awoke-backend-lambda folder within the repo Make your changes Install Docker to run backend locally

Local Deploy and testing

  1. sam build
  2. sam local start-api -d 5858 --region us-east-1 Then you can go to Postman to try out the different API calls locally before pushing to Production

Prod Deploy

  1. sam build
  2. sam deploy

If there are AWS Permissions issues, you go into AWS

  1. Go to AWS Lambda
  2. Select the function that you need to update the permissions for
  3. Go to the Permissions tab
  4. Click the Role Name which pops open another tab
  5. Expand the Inline policy row in the permissions table
  6. Click the database DynamoDB
  7. Edit Policy allows for you to add/modify permissions based on the error received