Meeting Notes Board Meeting 31.05.2015 - HaxeFoundation/Project-Management Wiki

Here are the main points from the recent board meeting at WWX 2015. Please add your points to the list, especially if something needs more detail. We will review in a few days and open issues where necessary.


  • have a Developer Blog and/or Community Blog
  • externalize what we are currently thinking about or working on
  • have a small weekly news release with the roundups
  • have press releases and communication around compiler releases
  • have more editorial content and showcases in general
  • promote best practices
  • reach out to companies who are using Haxe but don't talk about it


  • switch to a 6 monthly, fixed-date release cycle
  • draw a little more attention to the nightly builds?
  • keep outstanding things for the next release
  • keep the consistency and motivation up with more regular releases


  • have featured libraries (ties in with editorial content)
  • openly promote what the criteria for "featured" are, so people are motivated to clean up and document
  • the website might get a voting/comment feature
  • tag Haxelib with compatible compiler versions
  • give the tool a re-write
  • find someone to take ownership
  • haxelib could install haxe
  • have side-by-side installs to keep compatibility
  • use dox for documentation generation for haxelib

Other Points

  • make GitHub integration for website and docs more prominent and easy to use to encourage contributions
  • be more clear about contribution requests and what we expect in order to be able to accept PRs
  • have a road-map for the Compiler and for the Foundation
  • have some work-flow specifications
  • build up a speaker portfolio
  • improve team communication and project management to maintain motivation
  • Tivo - continuing compiler support for IDE development
  • TiVo - further pursuit of Haxe-Call-In functionality
  • get more inter-project coordination (IDE, Frameworks) so as not to do the same work twice

Additions Based on Comments on the Corresponding Issue

What we can and will do:

  • We will have at leas partial quarterly team meetings and publish notes
  • Fiene will encourage everybody to have additional meetings to keep the lines of communication open. Notes on these may be shared on a case-by-case basis
  • Fiene will periodically reach out to people to get an update that can and will be shared.
  • We are thinking about publishing a weekly update or just give @skial some weekly details to be included with the roud-ups.

Quoting Todd on Haxe-Call-In

Regarding haxe "call-in"...I have an action item to make public the TiVo repository with our haxe call-in thinking, use case matrix and sample code so expect to see that over the next few weeks. We're currently collating all the raw information into a more digestable, high-level summary.

Also, we aren't wedded to the name "call-in". The name might suck, actually, so feel free to propose alternatives.