SYS‐265 Setup (Lab 00) - HarryNChamp/SYS-265 GitHub Wiki

WKS01 password: ChampHarry

FW01 password: ChampHarry!

AD01 password: ChampHarry!

MGMT01 password: ChampHarry!!

NMON01 info: harrison, ChampHarry!

To invoke powershell on ad01, type "powershell" To install AD-Domain-Services, type: "Install-WindowsFeature AD-Domain-Services -IncludeManagementTools

Accidentally named AD02 "AD01-HARRISON" so I'm just gonna roll with it

To join domain, use these credentials: Administrator ChampHarry!

To sign into Domain account on mgmt: use [email protected] as username, then AD01's password


MGMT ACCOUNTS harrison.northrup ChampHarry!

harrison.northrup-ad ChampHarry!