Format: Async standup - Gym-Bros-Programs/banana-math GitHub Wiki

Updated: June 12 2024

Things to talk about in Stand up:

  1. Are there things that are stopping your work from getting done

  2. Progress on your task and if you need help (big points only)

  3. Your goal by next standup

  4. How you doing? out of 5 (If below 3 this means you need help!)

Each number should have 2-3 lines MAX

Async standup meetings is easier since everyone could be busy. We will have standup in the discord channel on** Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays**. Everyone should message all the details below by 8pm Edmonton time on those days.

How are the tasks under your name going? Do you need anything from us? Do we need to do replenishment (move more tasks to Ready)?

Or if you finish stuff early you can also just message me directly if there is nothing under Ready that can be worked on

Reminder there are no dedicated roles, so if you see something you want to try, just go for it