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Enhancer changes a few existing block's functions and recipes and adds some new ones.


Table Saw

Replaces Stone Cutter, now can cut Wood variants and some other materials as well.

Enhanced Blast Furnace

Replaces Blast Furnace, smelts any item at twice the speed. Also has a few unique smelting recipes that are unaccessible by other Furnace types: blocks of Raw Ore take the amount of Fuel only 8 of said Ore would take usually, you can smelt Music Disks Relic, 5, Otherside and Pigstep into valuable resources and XP.


Infused Block of Quartz

Crafted using 8 Lapis and a Quartz Block, it can serve as a base block for the Beacon, giving Lapis and Quartz an additional use.

Fortified Stone and Deepslate

Crafted using 8 Copper Ingots and either a block of Stone or Deepslate. Can be moved with pistons while being completely blast resistant. Fortified Stone is used in multiple recipes.

Paper Wall

A new type of wall, crafted in sets of 2 with 4 Paper and 2 Sticks.

Andesite, Diorite and Granite Tiles

New decorative blocks, crafted using a Table Saw.