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Invariants are graph properties that depends only on the abstract structure, not on particular labeling or drawings of the graph. Examples include the number of vertices and the number of edges. Here we list all the graph operations and invariants already inserted in the project, with the respective library used for implementation.

Numeric Invariants

They can be used in the writing of (in)equations or after filtering, to study the output graphs.

To build the in(equations) the user can calculate the numeric invariants not only in the graph, but can also use the line graph and complement

Boolean Invariants

They can be used in the conditions or after filtering, to study the output graphs.

Other Invariants

They are invariants that are neither numeric nor boolean, but can be used to study the graphs returned in the filtering.


Math Operations

You can also use several usual functions in mathematics:

Trigonometric Basic Functions Utils Logic Constants Symbols
Sine Sum Natural Logarithm Floor AND PI Equal
Cosine Subtraction Logarithm Ceiling OR Different
Tangent Division Square Root Modulus Less Than
Product Modulus Greater Than
Power Less or Equal Than
Greater or Equal Than

Graph Operations

These are basic operations that are applied to a single graph and return another graph.

Where the matrix M can be: