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This ICP i've not only learned more about typescript but, also learned about child and parent component communication in angular and also used angular decorators for passing values from parent component to child component and similarly from child component to parent component. Apart from these also used http library for fetching data from the api's.

The API's used are foursquare for fetching information of locations. And Edamam API for fetching the recipe information. Also implements components to break the application into pieces for flexibility.

The below image display the html code which displays Recipe information

Template to find to get the restaurents

Css file for the Recipe finder.

Spec.ts file which is used for the unit tests of the source files.

Typescript code in which the below image is all of declarations and library imports HttpClient from http module which is used to call the api to get the information. Foursquare API for fetching information of locations and Edamam API for fetching the recipe information.


Displays the Recipe Finder page with options to search restaurent by entering a particular place.

Below image displays the restaurents in Kansas city with their location.

Recipe search: