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As part of this ICP we need to learn and how to use Bootstrap, JavaScript and the fundamentals of the Responsive Web Design.

Task1: Rock- Paper-Scissors:

Here the player selects their choice, and the computer generates its choice randomly and provides the result of winner.

Below are the code snippets for HTML, CSS and JavaScript file.

HTML code:

CSS Code:



Here the user has to choose any one of the three options and the result is displayed based on the option randomly chosen by the computer.

Below is one of the examples of the result generated based on the option chosen by the player and computer. Here player has chosen scissors and the computer has chosen paper. The result is scissors has upper hand over the paper, so here the player has won.

Task2: Responsive Web Design

This task is about designing the mockup page. To complete this task, we are using the Responsive web design. Below are the code snippets for the task.

Source code:

Added the name, designation and the respective images and the code necessary for the responsive web design.


Resized output:

Video link: https://youtu.be/-Iwmgnj5O0I