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# Week1

This week we deciced to discuss about the project and what we are going to do in general . we shared ideas together.After many discussions we decided to do a library managment system . we choose the leader of the group also we spend almost 2hours in our first meeting also we put a date for the next meeting .


On this week we mostly did some research and discussed about the system used in libraries in different cities!I take care for lms in my birthplace(BERAT).I went there and i met there the guy that was responsible for Library(MR:Hajredin Kajo)!we did a small trip inside the library and he showed me some problems in general that are happening there!I saw there some problems in softwer and other guys also told me that library in their citys have also problem!Some of them similiar and some different !So we discussed to give some solution to problems that libraries face today!


On this week i have been taking care of some requirements!Firstly,i made a draft on how our project will be displayed on outer and inner part,including accurate content and aesthetically designed!This week i have also learned some basic things for visual basic because we choose to do our project by using visual basic! i saw some tutorials on Youtube,write down some notes and applied this new knowledge!

Week 4

As I have written on 29/03/2018 i kept seeing new and more advanced tutorials in order to compare my ability and fix any problems that I can face during this learning process.I have applied this new method,which is memorizing by writing down every hard part of this visual basic code,because I noticed I made little mistakes,but those mistakes are not being made anymore,because of the use of this learning style.Also,I have been working extra hours trying new possible creations and explore deeply this visual basic code by dividing in two parts and see what a little change in this code can make us looking forward to.However,I can surely say that the implementation of visual basic code requires hard working hours and a major help will be being interested in these type of codes,in order to achieve and complete all of our objectives.


For my part ,I have organised all the use cases in three tables,divided by three (1,2,3 & 4,5,6 & 7,8,9).For the nine use cases ,in horizontal columns I have named the use cases,defined the users and all the conditions and post condition that the use cases acquire.Each table has a overview in accordance with the use cases that it belongs with.Also,in a chronological order ,I have ranked all the steps that should be followed by actors.On the first table,the first three of use cases i have analyze the registration,book receive and book search.On the second table,in 4 and 5 cases,I have explained and made a book look over and on the 6 case, I have analyze the communication part,which plays a major role in this use cases.On the last table,the third one,I have discuss the librarian part about staff employee and also about the user librarian research and being updated.I have analyze employees and logging requests.However,through the use cases you can face different errors,and I have rank each one of them in the right cases, such as:invalid data,problems with communicating or not respecting the specific due date.

week 6

For this week,i review once again all my work and improved every little mistake i had done and also added some more information to the tables i did on 16/4/2018.In addition,i drew some activity diagrams which will be part of creating the project.In order for this diagrams to be as precise as they should,i counseled them with my team members making sure they are correctly made.Also,i written down the properties that i planed to set or change during the design of the form.


This week my task was to create diagrams referring to:Use Cases and Collaboration.Firstly,I thought it would be better if I sketch the diagrams and as I go applying them on computer I would add the things I find useful to create the most precise diagrams depending on my current knowledge,because I faced a little difficulties on the Collaboration diagrams.Secondly,I took care of the aesthetically part to make diagrams look clearer and understandable by dividing each and every one fragment of the diagrams in an individual part and also by adding a title to each part.


Fixed the diagrams that the professor told us and also added some other diagrams for other specific actions. Continued with the coding of the software using Visual Studio and C#.Decided what our next forms would look like.I also updated the Use Case Diagram with the above functionalities.


Reviewed the documentation together with the requirements and diagrams.Changed some little things that i saw reasonable to change on the documentation.Continued with the coding part.