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This week we decided to discuss about the project and what we are going to do in general. After the meeting team leader engaged me to search for the information need for project.


This week I had to collect information about library system.I started it all solving first two question that all people do about library system " How books are classified and arranged in the library? " and " How do we have to organize books in a library? " After all information that i had collect the team decided to vote and chose the best option for classifing and arranged ways that we are going to use in our library system.


This week the team leader engaged me to take care of chapter two. Product/Service Description 2.1 Product Context 2.2 User Characteristics (• Student/faculty/staff/other • Admin info • Fee you need to pay • Client • Employers ) 2.3 Assumptions 2.4 Constraints(Our Constraints till now include :

• parallel operation with an old system • audit functions (audit trail, log files, etc.) • access, management and security • criticality of the application • other design constraints (e.g., design or other standards, such as programming language or framework) ) 2.5 Dependencies


After the results that we get from professor and the advices that he gives us we used to fix the diagrams and also added some other diagrams for other specific actions. Continued with the coding of the software using Visual Studio and C#.Decided what our next forms would look like. Also I used that this week to look and search for a library logo to be as much professionable.


After the conclusion we had I used to fix the use case diagram. Before starting we design how the document that we are going to submit how its going to look like.After that we had to made a Personal Submition report.