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Welcome to Ger Dedja's wiki ! Mostly discussions about the topic we needed to chose and after many discussions we chose to do a library managment system


This week my job was to talk to the managers of the library in Shkodra .I had the chance to see how the system in Shkodra works .Basically the system was really faulty in terms of design and software so i thought some changes need to be made .I also discussed with the group and they also told me that the systems in their towms had problems too.


I had to deal with chapter one of the functional requirements which dealt with the overview of the software and the design of it so fare.I had to give a general idea of software and how is it going to work in general .Also this part included the operating systems the program works and if it is user friendy or not


This week my job was to do the first two chapter of the functional requirements of the program .I completed them as the proffesor stated in the lab hours .The main idea was to show how the program is going to work and talk about the general idea the services the program provides .


My Job was to talk about the sketch along with the other members and also to implemten some visual basic codes .The process went well and the sketches showed the progress of the software till this point


This week my job was to make some general edits in the final book that we have to do till the end .My main goal was to edit the first two chapters and be more specific about the functional and non-functional requirements of the software . As discused last week with the professor ,our book wasnt detailed enough so i started adding more details in order to have a more completed view of our project.