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We set up a meeting at 13/03/2018 at PC Lab with all the members to discuss about the project. Everyone shared their ideas and we voted to decide. After deciding the project theme (Library Management System) and our team leader (again by voting). Now we are in research phase, gathering as much information as we can through our connections till next meeting.

Week 2:

We set up a meeting on Saturday 24/03/2018 and the assignment for this week was to make a detailed research for our project. To do this I went to "Biblioteka publike Njesia nr.8 " which was the closest from my place. I asked about everything and took notes, about the system, how were the clients registered, how were the books registered, registration of taking a book, registration of bringing the book etc. Now we will join our notes/ideas and start writing some code lines to start the program.


On this week my assignment was to make part 3 of the book of our software. Third part was all about the requirements of the software here are some:

REQUIREMENTS FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS, NON-FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS, User Interface Requirements, Usability , Performance , Manageability/Maintainability, System Interface/Integration, Security , Data Management , Standards Compliance, Portability , Other Non-Functional Requirements, DOMAIN REQUIREMENTS,

To do so I had to make some research online, took some notes and apply them to our idea. I had to make some sketches of the program but they won't be ready till next week. I listed all the requirements that I thought the software should have, depending on their priority, they are in a wide range from the essential ones to some details.

Week 4:

This week my job was to create the sketches of the project. I did some work but this is not the ultimate version, so the sketches are not that beautiful.

Week 5:

This week my job was to create some user scenarios and reconsider the functional requirements of the program. I tried to think as a user and also as an admin, what a user would do and what an admin should have rights on. Basically, users will search for books, get them, return them, if they are issued, books will be registered as issued. Admin should have full rights, admin can search users, books, update, delete users and books.

Week 6:

This week my task was to start writing some code lines so that the project will start to take some shape. Of course helped by tutorials and forums. I started creating the first buttons like LOGIN, Logout, Create account, followed by the functions this buttons will have. Being cautions that username and password should not stay when you hit LOGOUT.

Week 7:

This week my task was to create the ERD for our project and the Class Diagram. I found it a bit challenging since not everything in our project is clarified yet, also the programming part is in half way so I had to assume some things. To create the ERD I had to study the entities and attributes for each part and I ended up with two big tables (Members,Books) and some week entities (Transaction, Author, Supplier). For the Class Diagram I had to assume the names of the functions so they may not be identical when we program.

Week 8:

This week my job was to add some more diagrams for more use cases like add a new book, search the book, update the book info etc. Also I continued with some programming in visual basic to complete the rest of the buttons in the main screen, like book search, book issue and logout.