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Week 1

This week we discussed about the project topic and what we are going to do in general.Firstly we chose our team leader then we shared ideas with each other.After many discussions we decided to do a Library Management System.

Week 2

The assignment for this week was to make a detailed research for the project.What I did was taking information at the library of 'Biblioteka Publike Nr. 5' at Rr. Mine Peza. I gathered information about the system, how the registration of clients and books was done , the periods a person can keep a book and if they damaged it how did they operate.

Week 3

My assignment for this week was to get general information about the UI. I searched in different websites and as always I wrote down the necessary materials so I could share them to my group mates.After this I created an account at which is a great online learning platform and found a Visual Basic course and started to learn from it because that is the program that we are going to deal with for our project.

Week 4

During this week I finished the Visual Basic Essential Training course at which lasted 4 hours and 18 minutes where I gained a general and very helpful knowledge about the Visual Basic program.Then I started implementing some codes and at the same time checking the results.Whenever I ran into errors and couldn't find a way to solve them ,I consulted the problems with my teammate Krison and if we couldn't find a way we continued to watch more tutorials on Youtube about particular cases. Almost everyday I am trying to improve my skills on Visual Basic more and more, so to have a better performance and less errors while working on the project.

Week 5

This week I had to organise the use cases.I created 3 tables for nine use cases separated by 3 ,in horizontal columns and named them,defined the users and all the conditions and post condition that the use cases acquire.Each table has an overview in accordance with the use cases that it belongs with.

Week 6

After I had learned as much as I could about Visual Basics I started writing the first code lines of the project. I started creating some buttons and the functions that each one have to do.I dealt as well with the Registration and Log In form but haven't finished yet all it's requirements and the debugging.

Week 7

This week my task was to create the Component and Sequence diagram. What I did was Sequence diagram for issuing book and Sequence diagram for returning book and also Component diagram for Library Management System.I didn't found it easy at all because not everything in our project is clarified yet.

Week 8

I fixed the problems of the diagrams that the professor told us and also added some other diagrams for other specific actions.I dealt with the coding part as well and watched some tutorials on youtube regarding some problems I had.