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Week 1

This week we deciced to discuss about the project and what we are going to do in general .No specific tasks were assigned to the members because we still were sharing ideas together.After many discussions we decided to do a library managment system as we thought the library managment systems in Shkodra and Berat were not that good and in general not completed .

Week 2

This week was the so called research week were each of the members had a specific task given.In general we talked about the systems how they are made ,how they work ,what are their pros and cons . After seeing in detail all the systems in different cities we started gathering information on what needed to change and what needed to remain unchanged .Also we started brainstorming on the UI of the LMS itself

Week 3

We had to deal with the functional requirements.Each of us was assigned a specific task .We had to complete the first 3 chapters of the functional requirements which dealt with the idea of the software the design and implementation of the visual basic code

Week 4

This week the main idea was to discuss about the Sketches we had to do.So far the development of the UI and program itself is going great and Eneas did some basic sketches to give a general idea about the program .Also we shared some ideas about how the program is going to work in general and how user friendly it is going to be .An important topic was also to discuss about the User scenarios and Cases which have to be done in the next week

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