Potential Features - Geosearchef/HNSServer GitHub Wiki


Reveal time reduction.

With each reveal the time until the next one is shortened.

Always visible zones.

When MisterX enters this area the reveal timers is increased/ reset.


When MisterX is in a Hideout during the reveal the seekers only get alerted that he is in a hideout but don't see his position.

Seeker Path

Show the seekers paths.

World Boarder

Simple circular border which causes a penalty when you step outside.

Text chat

Items (Airdops?)


Black Ticket

Skip next reveal. / Resets reveal timer.

Freeze Seekers

The seekers have to stop moving for some time or else the reveal timer is increased/ reset.

Fake Reveal

The next reveal will display a fake position which is corrected after a short time.



One seeker is briefly invisible.


Spawn an additional fake seeker. / Spawn many fake seekers randomly.


Target a small area if the hider is in it he is instantly revealed.

Freeze Hider

The hider has top stop moving for some time or else is revealed.

Alternate Win Condition


Hider has to collect x amount of resource which spawns randomly. A already collected resource only disappears on the seekers screen when one of them is closeby.