Permissions - GeorgH93/MarriageMaster GitHub Wiki

The table lists all the permissions, their defaults and in which groups they are included.

Permission Description Default marry.user marry.admin marry.bypass* marry.home.*
marry.list true X
marry.pvp true X true X
marry.home true X X
marry.sethome true X X
marry.delhome true X X true X X true X X true X X false X X true X
marry.backpack true X
marry.kiss true X
marry.hug true X
marry.seen true X
marry.selfmarry true X
marry.selfdivorce true X
marry.changesurname true X
marry.accept true X
marry.listpriests true X
marry.priest OP X
marry.setpriest OP X
marry.reload OP X
marry.update OP X
marry.version OP X
marry.listenchat OP X
marry.offlinedivorce OP X
marry.bypass.delay OP X X
marry.bypass.rangelimit OP X X OP X X OP X X OP X X
marry.bypass.backpackgamemode OP X X
marry.bypass.worldblacklist OP X X
marry.bypass.tpconfirmation OP X X
marry.bypass.vanish OP X X
marry.home.others OP X
marry.autoaccept.tprequest false
marry.listenchat.autojoin false

There is also the marry.* permission group which will give all permissions in the marry.user and marry.admin permission groups.