Build and Mode comparison - GeorgH93/MarriageMaster GitHub Wiki

Marriage Master v2 is available in 3 different builds. And can be run in 2 different modes.


Standalone mode

In this mode the plugin will function without any external dependencies. Some API features will not be available in this mode.

API features currently not available in Standalone mode:

  • registering custom sub-commands
  • sending messages via the MarriagePlayer

Normal mode

The normal mode of the plugin requires that the PCGF Plugin lib is installed on the server to work. This mode is designed for servers that use multiple plugins that depend on the PCGF PluginLib. For a list of added features pleas check this Advantages of using the PCGF PluginLib


Release build

This build automatically switches between normal mode and standalone mode based on the installed dependencies. It is the most user friendly build and also the build released on and

Normal build

This build is the smallest build and uses the normal mode of the plugin. It requires that the PCGF PluginLib is installed on your server to work. This builds can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.

Standalone build

This build only contains the plugin in Standalone mode. As well as all of it's dependencies. This builds can be downloaded from the GitHub releases page.

Advantages of using the PCGF PluginLib

  • Option to share the MySQL database pool through multiple plugins (configure the database credentials only once)
  • Shared commonly used translations between multiple plugins (e.g. for item names)
  • Reduced RAM usage (if you are using at least 2 plugins based on that lib)
  • Improved performance for the UUID converter