table of proposed projects - GeomScale/gsoc2020 GitHub Wiki

Mentors, please edit this wiki page, and add your ideas to the table below.

Students, please look for a project that interests you in the table below. Before emailing project mentors, please do at least one project test and post a link to your solution on the proposal's wiki page.

Proposal Mentors Languages
Monte Carlo integration V Fisikopoulos, PZD Martires, S Kolb C++/R
High dimensional sampling with applications to structural biology V Fisikopoulos, A Chalkis, E Tsigaridas C++/R
Apothesis: an open source C++ package for kinetic Monte Carlo N Cheimarios, V Fisikopoulos C++
Efficient MCMC sampling based on the ULD A Chalkis, Z Zafeirakopoulos C++/R
Optimization and SOS E Tsigaridas, V Fisikopoulos, F Rouillier C++/R
Randomized SDP solver E Tsigaridas, V Fisikopoulos, A Chalkis C++/R
Randomized LP solver E Tsigaridas, V Fisikopoulos, A Chalkis C++/R
A comparative study of uniform high-dimensional samplers A Chalkis, V Fisikopoulos, E Tsigaridas C++/R

All student applications will be discussed by the GeomScale mentor community, and proposals will be ranked considering factors such as quality, student's ability to successfully finish the project, and impact for the GeomScale project. A finite number of slots will be granted to GeomScale by Google, if GeomScale is accepted as an org, thus only the best proposals will get chosen. This implies that it is possible that some ideas will not become GSoC projects even if they are supported by a good student application.

Students, if you are interested for a coding project related to GeomScale that is not listed above, please try to find mentors by posting a description of your project idea on the geomscale-gsoc google group. If you find mentors, feel free to add your project idea to this wiki and write an application.