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Welcome to the GeomScale Google Summer of Code wiki!

This wiki will be the central hub of information regarding the GeomScale participation in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2020. Administrators are Vissarion Fisikopoulos ([email protected]) and Apostolos Chalkis ([email protected]).

Everyone who wants to participate in Google Summer of Code with GeomScale should:

Overview of the program

In short, each student selected for a GSoC project will get paid to work on a GeomScale related project for 3 months during the summer:

  • Mentors can add projects to give ideas to students.
  • Students should look at the list of projects to see if any project interests them. Before emailing project mentors, please do at least one project test and post a link to your solution on the proposal’s wiki page. Then email the project mentors to express your interest, and describe any prior experience.
  • If a student can provide a link to a C++/R repository with at least 1,000 lines, non-coursework open source code this will definitely strengthen their application. Code should have been open sourced at least three months ago, and show a log of commits improving the library over time.
  • After opening communication with project mentors, each student must write an application with a detailed timeline, following this application template. Successful applications are shared with mentors for feedback before submission of a final application on Google.
  • For real time communication students and mentors can use gitter.
  • If GeomScale is accepted as a GSoC project, Google will award a certain number of student slots.
  • The project administrators and mentors of GeomScale will rank projects in order of application quality and importance to the GeomScale project, and the top projects will be funded.
  • Students get paid a stipend by Google for writing free/open-source code for 3 months during the summer.
  • Mentors get code written for their project, but no money.

Proposed Projects

See: table of proposed coding projects

Status and Timeline

Useful events from the official timeline:

When What
Feb 5 Mentoring organization application deadline
Feb 20 List of accepted mentoring organizations published
Mar 31 Student application deadline
May 18 - Aug 17 Student coding period
June 19 Phase 1 evaluations
July 17 Phase 2 evaluations
Aug 24 Final evaluations