FAQ - GeoRemindMe/GeoRemindMe_Web GitHub Wiki

Question 1 - What is this?

  • Q: What is the forge?
  • A: The forge is just a set of tools that will allows us to work. Those tools are: this wiki, a forums section, a place to add pendind tasks, a file manager, etc.

Question 2 - Spent hours

  • Q: How many hours you want me to expend in the project?
  • A: We do not require any level of involvement, but we expect you to spend at least the same time that we dedicate ourselves to you.

Question 3 - Need help from another team.

  • Q: What do I do if a need help from another member with an especial profile?.
  • A: Just ask a team manager to help you writing a task on the group of this area. For example: ** You are a programmer and you finish programming a requirement, now you need a designer to design the graphical interface, so ask to any team manager to add this task to Graphic Team's To Do List ** You are planning to add a feature to the blog but you have no privileges; then ask to a team manager to add the task to the System Admins's To Do List.

Question 4 - Online/Offline Meetings

  • Q: Do you organize any face meetings or something?
  • A: Sometimes we organize online meetings to discuss some things, meet other members of the team, and chat for a little while. We will let you know every planned meetings on the general forum.