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GeoRemindMe Wiki-Guide: Start contributing

Step 0- Install Git

If it's your first time using Git, maybe you should read how to set up your repository.

Recommended: Add colored git branch name to your shell prompt

Step 1- Request to join

To start contributing you need to create an account on GitHub and then go to the GeoRemindMe project on GitHub and create a fork of the Web or the Android App. You can read more about the workflow on GitHub here, or how to create a patch.

Step 2- Setup a local enviroment

This document attemp to be an introduction for anyone who wants to start coding at the project and who has never programmmed with Google App Engine.

The project is been developed on Python+Django running on App Engine.

How to setup a local enviroment

Step 3- Join us on Teambox

We are using Teambox to stay in touch with the community, so if you want to join us just do it on the GeoRemindMe Public Project.

Step 4- Do whatever you want

''Please before start working, check if your team/s has/have instructions to guide you how to work. This information can be found on the links in "Step 2- Where can I help?".''.

Install Sphinx

First run sphinx-build to know if you already have Sphinx installed and see which version.

NOTE: you also need to have Django and Google App Engine installed

Using easy_install

To create documentation using: easy_install -U Sphinx

Install using APTITUDE

First check Sphinx version using: sudo aptitude show python-sphinx

If version >= 1.0.7 then run: sudo aptitude install python-sphinx

Manually install

Run this (Note: notice that there are some variables)

wget http://pypi.python.org/packages/source/S/Sphinx/Sphinx-1.0.7.tar.gz#md5=42c722d48e52d4888193965dd473adb5

tar xvfz Sphinx-1.0.7.tar.gz

cd Sphinx-1.0.7

python setup.py build

sudo python setup.py install

sudo aptitude install python-docutils

sudo aptitude install python-jinja2

sudo aptitude install python-yaml

pwd #This command shows your local path, required for the next step

sudo ln -s [LOCAL_PATH_TO]/sphinx-build.py /usr/bin/sphinx-build

Then you can go to your "doc/" directory and run "make html"

Then go to the "Task List" on Teambox and see what you wanna do.

Step 5- Notify us your progress :D

Please let us know on any progress you made to be able to follow what are you doing.

Any other question?, feel free to ask here.

Step 6 : Please read the behavioral rules

Behavioral rules

Configurar Git-SVN