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  • An Object is thing with identity, state and behaviour.

Linked Data View

Tariq is assigned to integrate a Linked Data Viewer similar to that of OntoWiki into Facete2

Sponate Union Support

Sponate enables one to aggregate (JavaScript) objects from SPARQL result sets. Currently, a sponate store service can only be backed by a single SPARQL-2-JSON view definition (aka map), however, if multiple maps were supported, we Sponate would be capable of creating JSON objects from multiple result sets, thereby extending objects based on their id.

Entity Abstraction (depends on Sponate Union Support)

Patrick is co-mentor for a project about entity summarization. If there was API to get a specification of summaries - i.e. which properties (paths) are relevant for which concept, then we could use this information to configure Sponate. Sponate would then be capable of yield the appropriate information for any (set of) resource(s).

An issue of course would be concept precedence / subsumption. So Sponate would have to feature a precedence mechanism (which most likely is just based on subsumption, such as person is more specific than thing), however, computation of it could be delegated to some other component.

Server side vector data transformation for efficiently serving spatial RDF datasets.

Kay may be doing his Diploma thesis on this topic.

Authoring support

Clemens topic, who worked on rdfauthor. We sketched some architecture that considered some corner cases some time ago; but actually implementation should be pushed here.