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I tried to make test run faster. Because on Windows it is so slow, I use a VM running Ubuntu.


In this VM, there is direnv installed. Based on the .envrc file, it enhance the PATH with bin folder. This is needed because I use Spring to speed up environment loading.


Thanks to spring, the environment is loaded only once. Spring does modify the files in bin/. This is a time saver because loading Rails environment take lots of time.


I also added Guard gem to auto watch files and auto run the tests for file that changed. So now instead of running test manually, I use guard. Because I'm on Windows with a VM, I use the -p option to make sure Guard can detect changes made on Windows. It uses the 'polling' option.

I also specified explicitly the RAILS_ENV in spec_helper.rb

Sources: Related commit: e6140b9707194cc8bbc8af362f131e6846371e6c