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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you going to do about hosting?

After discussing this on IRC, we've settled on a somewhat distributed system where if one server goes down, we'll have a script set up to automatically switch to another "mirrored" server with another offshore hosting provider. Then behind all of these mirror servers there's an extremely secure database server that all of the mirrors use so there will, in theory never be any downtime.

What does the website look like at the current stage?

As of day 3, this is the current frontend and basic backend. (pre-search implementation)

What makes this different from other torrent trackers?

1) Social features, 2) the vast library, 3) torrent sorting and a planned 4) payment system.

1) Comments, ratings, private messages and possibly a custom forum software.

2) We are grabbing torrents from other services to gain as large a library as possible. To make sure users can still take credit for their torrents we will be implementing a claiming feature, where uploaders can claim a username and our bot will automatically apply the given torrent to their account.

3) If you've ever used KickassTorrents for TVShows you know there's a button that says "View all Always Sunny in Philedelphia episodes" and its sorts them by episode. We will do the same, but for software, etc. so that you can sort a program by version number.

4) This is still being debated, but it is possible that if the site becomes profitable we will give verified uploaders a certain amount of money based on non-adblocked download count, etc.