MIxS Release SOP - GenomicsStandardsConsortium/mixs-legacy GitHub Wiki

Standard Operating Procedure for making a release of MIxS

  1. Make sure the final version of files is in github
  2. Create a GitHub release
  3. Send email to the GSC board and the CIG mailing list
  4. Create news item for website
  5. Tweet about the new release (@genomestandards)

When posting or tweeting about the release be sure to use the stable tag. E.g., for MIxS v5, use the following links:

Entire release: https://github.com/GenomicsStandardsConsortium/mixs-legacy/releases/tag/v5.0

Spreadsheet file: https://github.com/GenomicsStandardsConsortium/mixs-legacy/blob/v5.0/mixs5/mixs_v5.xlsx