Frequently Asked Questions - Generator/tautulli2trakt GitHub Wiki

Q: Can i use this script on Docker?

A: For now only works with containers with jq installed like linuxserver/tautulli.

Q: I have more users, how can i sync only my profile?

A: Create a new condition on notification agent script Settings: Script Settings > Conditions
User | is | <user>

Note: If you haven't set a Friendly Name use User Email for the condition
See Custom Notification Conditions

Q: Can i pull my watch history from to Tautulli?

A: No, tautulli2trakt only syncs one way (Tautulli to

Q: Can i push all my Tautulli watch history to

A: No, only when triggered by Tautulli Notification Agent.

Q: What's the difference of this script and the plugin or other scrobbler?

A: The plugin Plex-Trakt-Scrobbler is unmaintained and no longer works on ARM, and soon can stop working on all systems.
Plaxt (and similar) requires webhooks, only available to Plex Pass users.

Q: tautulli2trakt is no longer scrobbling/updating my media, how can i check if it's working?

A: Make sure (located on script path) is writable by Tautulli. If Tautulli is running with it's own user change the file owner chmod <tautulli username>

Q: How can i uninstall tautulli2trakt?

A: Run --reset. Or manually rm tautulli2trakt.conf, revoke access and remove the application API

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