Changelog 2.0.0 - GeheimagentNr1/MagicalTorches GitHub Wiki

  • IMPORTANT: Changed COMMON config to CLIENT config, the name changed from "mumbleintegration.toml" to "mumbleintegration-client.toml"
  • IMPORTANT: The positions of the Sound Mufflers are now saved on the server side. (SOUND MUFFLING TORCHES NEEDS TO BE REPLACED.)
  • Fixed: Incompatible Mods display warning
  • Updated mod metadata
  • Waterlogging added for hostile mob spawn blocking torches
  • Added a config list, which defines, which mobs are blocked of the hostile mob spawn blocking torches. By default, all mobs with EntityClassification.MONSTER are blocked.
  • Added a config list, which defines, which sounds will be muffled by the sound muffling torch.