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Menu settings


Move left

  • Move player left
  • How to change Key: click on the button > It shows "???" and now you can press any key on the keyboard, then it change, if you want cancel ??? click on the button or somewhere else

Move right

  • Move player right


  • Jump with player


  • Speed up movement of player

Fly mode

  • Only creative
  • Probably for moving with player you need arrows buttons


  • Open basic inventory, or close some inventory windows


  • Writing text into bubble in the game
  • Nearly useless in the singleplayer

Drop item

  • Dropping item from inventory just one piece per button press


  • Show small window in the game that navigate to the menu, or other actions like achievements and so on

Show/hide dev info

  • For developers, normal users don't need to use
  • Shows some info about ram, cpu, total dropped items, time (day, hours,...)

Game elements

Controls animation

  • If you deactivate, some controls can be disabled
  • Better not to disable

Game animations

  • If you deactivate, in the game will not show some animations (eg. sun)
  • You can achieve some small performance improvement, but I think that you will not need
  • Better not to disable

Brightness at night

  • Min - moody night
  • Max - brighter night


  • I recommend use integer, non-integer may show some strange pixelate display
  • Bigger number bigger zoom, just look into background, and set according to background (Player is about 2.5 block height)

Type of scale

  • I highly recommend use without, others can have errors or some crazy view


  • Window - window mode
  • Maximized - maximized window
  • Fullscreen - Fullscreen mode
  • The mode what you choose will be set in the start of running game


  • FPS are disruptive
  • 60 frames per second, cannot change
  • if you have slow computer, FPS will be smaller than 60

More graphics options

  • Well, graphics card options (like NVIDIA control panel), quite a powerful tool
  • if you have more gpu (eg. default slow integrated from Intel and better dedicated NVIDIA) you can change to dedicated in NVIDIA control panel, but game is undemanding, so I think that you will not need it to do it



  • Min - to min means quieter, or if it completely on Min that means no music
  • Max - louder


  • Min - to min means quieter
  • Max - louder
  • Apply eg. for walk sound effect


Length of translations

  • Like in the PowerPoint between slides, so something like in the menu
  • Without means fast as possible, it doesn't look very good if you click to "Back". It's like flash
  • Fast - fast change menu slide
  • Medium - default
  • Slow - too slow :)


  • if you disable, background in the menu will be just boring blue coloured



  • If you want to show some 18+ parts (eg. hide that black rectangle between legs when player is nude). You need to click button to enable it, then it will show window with (really hard) questions from math, chemistry and physics. You need to be succeed with all of then if you want to remove censor.
  • For babies are questions hard, so they fail, but for adults too easy
  • Questions are easy, so some <18+ lower age users can complete
  • Questions are changing (they are random, but tactic is same)
  • Some translation may be bad, so if you hope that you write it correctly, change language

Saving of setting

  • Automatically when you now close [X] this window or going back to main menu