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Right side inventory

  • Quick use of items
  • Use mouse wheel to change selected item
  • Selected item (tools) can change time of block's destruction
  • Selected item (torch) can make light around player
  • Selected item can be dropped
  • Selected item (blocks) can be placed

Top right icons

  • Lighting - symbolize energy that can convert into running
  • Bubble - symbolize breathable air - is declining into water and in the space
  • Water drop - symbolize drinking (right mouse click into water can regenerate it, or using water bottles)
  • Meat and vegetable - symbolize eating of player
  • Heart - symbolize health of player - low meat or water declining health, but if you have enough of food and drink, than it regenerates.

Player in the centre

  • Player is wearing clothes
  • Hand is moving towards mouse
  • you can destroy or place item just to a certain distance. I think that blocks further to player are destroying slower


  • Terrain is formed by 16×16 blocks (In the setting zoom 1× means 16 pixels per block (width), 2× means 32pixel per block, ...)

Terrain layers

  • Terrain is formed by five layers
  • Each block has assigned a layer
  • Two blocks from same layer cannot be in same position in one layer
  • if you have solid block than you can have in some position top and back block (dirt or leaves on the wood)


  • Background blocks (eg. Wood, stone backgrounds, …)
  • Solid blocks (eg. dirt, stone, sand, …)
  • Top blocks (eg. leaves, grass, machines, some flowers, …)
  • Mob layer (chicken, rabbit, parrot, fish)
  • Special plants layer for special growing plants, it can be included into top layer (eg. flax, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, wheat, … )

Sunlight and shadows

  • Sunlight is defined like long vertical sunbeam from somewhere up down to first solid block
  • Shadows are between first top block (eg. leaves) from top to first solid block (eg. dirt with grass)