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Window from creating new World

Name of world

  • Normal plain text like "New world" or you can make text rich with GeDo tags (something like simplified html)
  • Example GeDo: "My <Bold> new </Bold> world"
  • Example HTML (not working in the game, just example): "My <b> new </b> world"
  • Display as: My new world
  • More info you can find in Show spoiler -> Help with GeDo

Difficulty in the World

  • Realistic - like a normal life - getting items by destroying and you can die
  • Research - getting items by destroying and you can't die
  • Creative - items you can get in Inventory under Items tab and you can't die

The size of the world

  • Small (width of world is about 4200 blocks)
  • Medium (width of world is about 6200 blocks)
  • Large (width of world is about 8200 blocks)

Start-up items

  • Without (=no start-up items)
  • Basic (In the start of game you will get Stone head and Apple)
  • Expanded (Copper axe, copper pickaxe, copper knife, Apple and bucket of water)
  • Advanced (Electric drill, electric saw, torch, bread and bottle of water)

Load world from file

  • You can load portable world (eg. from friend, backup)
  • Preferred is special ending of the world .rw (like rabcr world). ".rw" ending is just renamed ".zip" for differentiation of other zip files, so zip is also supported.
  • You can create portable version of the world from existing (Edit world > Bottom)
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