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Milestone 1


  • Discussed baseline implementation and current strategies:

    • Answer choice scoring: Noun phrases/named entity matching
    • Answer choice selection: Aggregate scores of each answer choice
  • Group members propose various changes to baseline implementation for initial iteration:

    • Candidate answer sentence selection algorithim
    • Answer choice scoring: Noun phrases/named entity SYNONYM matching
    • Answer choice selection: Score voting, tie break with aggregate score
  • Changes to Baseline:

    • Synonym expander : Jeff

    • NGram using Stanford : Laleh

    • Question Categorizer : Jeff (milestone 2)

    • Candidate answer selection: Zhiyu

    • Candidate answer scoring : Zhengxiong

    • Answer Choice Strategy : Adam


  • Discussed possible changes and usage of solr
  • Agreed to work on changes for tomorrow


  • Possibly use CandidateAnswer's to select CandidateSentences instead of Questions
    • Could be ineffective with a high amount of false positives due to short answers.
  • Set up git branches for everybody and merged code to master
  • Discussed various other optimization strategies
  • Agreed to create powerpoint/add content/create milestones for tomorrow