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Designers: group 6(Anirudh,Sumedh,Poornima,Souparni)

Clients: Exploration staff Users: Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation(HDMC)

NEED STATEMENT (4) Unkal lake in Hubli is suffering from various pollution issues.Hubli-Dharwad municipal corporation is looking for robot which automatically sails through and cleans Unkal lake.

questions such as this question helps the designer to
1. what should be the dimensions of the robots?
2.what is the task expected by the robot? Establish clients objectives
3.what is the budget set for the robot?
4.are there any specific materials the robot must be made of? Identify clients constraints
5.what must be the battery life of the robot?
6.what must be the storage capacity?
7.how should be the robot controlled? establish functions
8.how it works?

Literature Survey

Observation from lit survey requirements
1. Most of the lakes are covered by algae and thick weeds.which require lot of man power to maintain shredder or cutter
2. Since Unkal lake is large, around 200 meters squares. long battery life/large battery

1.1 clients objectives Design Objectives

SI No. objectives
1 High collecting capacity
2 Long battery life
3 High maneuverability

1.2 Prioritizing the Identified Design Objectives

Priority among various objectives through a technique called pair-wise comparison chart(PCC)

Objectives High collecting capacity Shredder/cutter to cut thick weeds Long battery life High maneuverability Total
high collecting capacity ---------- 1 1 1 3
long battery life 0 0 ------- 0 0
High maneuverability 0 1 1 ------- 2

Ranking of objectives in order of decreasing value of importance and the list is:

  1. Long battery life
  2. High maneuverability
  3. High collecting capacity

1.3 Problem Definitions:

1.3.1 Problem Definition 1:

Design a robot with high battery life, maneuverability which can sail through the lake and collect waste /pollutants

Constraints are as follows:

  1. Storage capacity
  2. Battery life

1.3.2 Problem Definition 2:

Design a robot with high battery life,maneuverability & storage capacity which can sail through the lake and collect waste/pollutants

Functions are as follows:

  1. Collect waste

1.3.3 problem Definition 3:

Design a robot that should be able to collect floating waste and clear the lake. The robot should be able continuously work for long hours. The machine should automatically sail, and collect garbage/waste and store it. Its weight should not exceed 5kgs and cost must not exceed rupees 4000.