User Testing Results: Grading Scenario - GatechVIP/no-code GitHub Wiki

User 1: Education Major

Prototype: Grading Scenario Prototype 1

Experimenter: Roberta


  • User attempted to cross out words after changing the color (i.e. did not select pencil tool).
  • Used shapes tool correctly
  • Difference between inline/general comments confusing
  • Enjoyed the rubric -- "Good for lazy graders" ** (Said comments would probably be used more by very dedicated graders)
  • Overall good, eases tediousness of grading

Opinions about Prototype 2:

  • Liked collapsing/expanding comments -- keeps it more organized and simple
  • Prefers flexibility of rubric in prototype 1

User 2: TA

Prototype: Grading Scenario Prototype 2

Experimenter: Crystal Lo


  • Buttons are not obvious.
  • Clicking into the annotation button is unnecessary since it won't clog up the screen anyway.
  • Pencil tool should be default if "Annotation" button is kept.
  • Show tooltip when hover on an icon
  • Circles overlap with words.
    • Suggestion: Opacity? Toggle display on/off.
  • General comment button should not be grouped with annotation tools, instead, it should be in the grading section.
  • Collapsable comment is good. But icon is confusing
    • Suggestion: Perhaps a 1-line preview.
  • Grading system:
    • Slide bar:
      • What if points are up to 80? Scaling would be a problem.
      • Is decimal grade possible?
    • Suggestions: Toggle between.

User 3: English/Education Major

Prototype: Grading Scenario Prototype 2

Experimenter: Roberta

  • Prototype very simple and self-explanatory
  • Proceeded through prototype very quickly with little guidance from experimenter ** No hesitation to select pencil tool, unlike user 1. ** Slight hesitation when "saving" comment -- thought comment was completed after adding text
  • Liked collapsing comments ** Keeps it organized, adding multiple comments would be confusing
  • Preferred more flexible rubric, sliding bar too restrictive
  • Said it might have taken slightly longer to learn how to use without instructions, but it is very easy to remember what everything does after one walkthrough.
  • Liked the design overall