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Idea 1) Group Chat for T-Square (or UAE, or whatever system we end up making)

Rather than make a google docs clone (that nobody will probably use, since there is already a really good google docs from google), why don't we make some type of service within T-Square/OAE that allows real-time synchronous communication with other peers/instructors. Students can use this to get help, instantaneously.

So let's say Sally is having trouble with a math problem? She's really stuck. How would she get help? Well, she could go to her TA's or her Professor's office hours. She could go to tutoring and get help there. That's fine and dandy, but office hours are really not the most convenient method of help. What if she had another class during office hours, or a club meeting, or a job interview that conflicted with office hours.

She could email the professor or TA, but profs and TAs are people too with busy lives and things to do. They might not respond in time (or at all).

What if her homework was due tomorrow (or tonight at midnight)? What are her options?

Well, all she can do is call her friends/classmates and ask for help, reread her book/notes, or go online and search for internet resources.

What if there was some kind of chat feature on Buzzport where Sally can ask for help (outside of her personal network). If the assignment is due today, there is a very good chance that other students will be working on the same assignment. Let's say that Bill managed to complete his assignment after looking at some youtube video that explained the process required for solving that hw problem.

After turning it to T-Square, he sees Sally on the chat feature asking for help. Bill can point her to the helpful youtube video. The best part about this is that not only does Sally benefit, but so does, Jennifer, and George, and everybody else who was having trouble with that problem.

====================================================================================================== Idea 2) Online Forum:

If we just make a google docs clone, it would have to be so compelling over the google version that most Tech students will want to switch. Most tech students don't bother using the built in calendar in Buzzport (they use google calendar because of email alerts, integration with smartphones and the fact it has a much better UI than the Buzzport and is just plain nicer to use)

======================================================================================================= In idea 2), I described the process by which an instantaneous communication feature would create a sort of a hive-mind amount students working on homework/projects.

Let's expand upon this idea. There is an absolute wealth of information on the internet that students can use as extra resources. If a student is having trouble in a class, or just wants to learn more or get ahead, why not create some sort of forum or online message board where students can collectively resources from outside the textbook or notes.

What if we created some online message forum where for each topic/homework assignment, there was a forum posting where the students can collectively post helpful resources to that board.

Let's say Josh was having trouble with his CS homework because he didn't know how for loops worked in java. Well, if somebody posted this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjkYAs6gAkk to that forum posting, Josh could just look at the video from the forum posting and get a refresher.