Gary Lam Ka Fung Weekly Report - GaryLamKa/DWD200 GitHub Wiki

Week two: I spent 11 hours last week on download the XAMPP and WordPress, research on other Band's website, Mockup. or (Huge image div) or or or (Kinda like wiki all in one) or (Event time/ tickets) (Video home page)

In the presentation, it funny that he mentions how the internet had those filter and "personalized" the content for the user are bad things to have. I think that is not fully correct, because they are not really blocking the information from the user, but just make it in a different order, also personally, I think the just how marketing works on the internet, although I didn't do marketing at all, but as far as I know, that how most website earns money, and the goal is to keep the user gets what they MIGHT need. More importantly, I think it all up to ourselves to adjust what is right or wrong on the internet and don't be a sheep.