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AntLog Installation

AntLog is a web application written in PHP. To run a local version, it requires a web server, mySQL database and PHP. The installation guide describes how to set all of these things up.

The intention is that, for an event, AntLog is run on a local machine, potentially on a local network, rather than on a server on the internet. This is so that running an event doesn't rely on having reliable internet access. Events need to be self-contained for reliability and to avoid making event venues completely dependent on internet access.

To simply run AntLog in order to run an event the best solution is to download the zip file containing just the production files.

Quick Installation (Windows) (Linux)

For development, the best way to install AntLog is by using Composer to install AntLog and all the libraries it depends upon. The installation of Composer is also described in the installation guide.

Installing Composer and the AntLog Development Build