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Welcome to the Antlog wiki.

Antlog is used on a local server at an event, so that the event is not dependent on an internet connection. There is also an online version that provides a central database, making it possible to sign robots up for events in advance and providing a record of the results of previous events.

AntLog Main Screen

Antlog Online

The online version allows users to create accounts (teams), manage their account and robots, create and manage events, enter robots into events and download the database to run on a local server at an event. It also allows users to view the results of previous events.

Title Bar of Web Installation

Antlog Local

The local version of Antlog is the same as the online version, but the event organiser has administrator access to run events. Users can create and manage accounts and robots on the local version and they will be uploaded to the central database after the event. The event organiser can confirm or delete entrants to the event, do the draw and run the fights. There is also the chance to correct results in case they are entered incorrectly. Finally the event organiser can import the database downloaded from the online site, and export the database to update the central database. The title bar shows the IP address of the server for other users to connect to.

Title Bar of Local Installation

For security reasons, the database exported from the online version of Antlog is somewhat redacted. All of the user passwords are set to "password" and the email addresses to "[email protected]". The administrator password is set to "admin". Only if passwords or email addresses are changed are they exported from the database.

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