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  1. Looking forward from this recording, I feel like having a history of what I've done to serve as a reference for my projects to come. By keeping a log of my past projects I will create a basis of which to hone my skills by developments made as well as a progress chart to see how far I'll come as a developer. With this in mind I can always look back to what I've done as see how I responded to old challenges either through reviewing what I did or being able to look at it again in an entirely different light.

  2. This week I went back in time and played an old game I had in my collection but never really played before; Age of Empires II. From a game-play perspective it was a masterpiece of a game during its release. The mechanic of maintain your resources and building up your empire really gave a sense of urgency and really made people manage and create strategies against the AI or fellow players. Using materials as a base and then constructing buildings and units in order to hold your lands becomes the goal of all and must fight the opposing faction, usually matching unit types against counter units in order to gain advantage. Overall I very nice piece and a good time killer alongside Sid Myer's Civilization series.