JVM Program Requirements - Gannon-University/gcis634.2014.team2 GitHub Wiki

This document describe the requirement of the JVM program.

This program shall run as application through the Eclipse IDE. When it is running, it shall do functions as the scenario described below:

  1. When the program start running, there is a window shall pop out. The window shall display two buttons, one is ".class" and another button is ".txt". It shall allow user choose whether the program read bytecode from .class file or .txt file.

  2. After user chose which way the program execute, the program shall open another window. The window shall display a file chosen browse window. This window shall allow user choose file from the computer file system.

  3. User now can choose the bytecode file location through the browse. After user choose the file, there are two buttons user can click. One is "OK" and another is "Close".If user click the "OK" button, the program shall show another window that ask for inputs which shall be the three sides of triangle and there is a button named "Enter". If User choose "Close" button, the file browse window shall close, and the program shall exit.

  4. After user enter the three sides of triangle, and click on the "Enter" button. The program shall display a window which shall display the result of the triangle problem. The result shall be the type of the triangle which shall be integer numbers. (1 represents Equilateral Triangle, 2 represents Scalene Triangle, 3 represents Isosceles Triangle, and 4 represents Not A Triangle)

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