Log (2019 01 16) FINAL - Gandhie/AICS-Project GitHub Wiki

What did I do?

It has been a few days of intense work, and I haven't been very good at documenting what I've been doing these last few days.

Basically, I started working properly on the "what" part of the project once I had gotten some feedback from Mehdi about how to get the right object IDs to use for the dictionary of visual feature vectors by ID.

Again, this meant a lot of work trying to get around the technical issues I have been having with my desktop computer. I managed to get things up and running on my partner's desktop for some of it which is really the only reason I could finish this on time.

I was intending to discuss the results with project supervisors before finalising the work, but there simply wasn't time to have such conversations before the deadline.

So, I continued with writing the project report paper while my processes were still running on my partner's computer and managed to finish on time with a little bit of a margin to prepare something (only notes, no slides) for the presentation.

What more could I have done?

Now the project is finished, but if I hadn't struggled so much with the technical issues I would have had time to conduct some further statistical tests - such as a T-test. But, unfortunately, this was not the case.

I have now submitted the project report through GUL on the submission page along with some comments. The Jupyter Notebook with the core code and the scripts I had to run locally to get around technical issues are all in the GitHub repository and up-to-date. The files created by the many scripts and other roundabout ways I got my data are too large to be easily kept in the repository or to be submitted via GUL - so if you want to see these files, please let me know how I can provide them to you in a good way.

This will be my final log entry.