Log (2019 01 12) - Gandhie/AICS-Project GitHub Wiki

What did I do?

I loaded the cosine distance lists from file back into the notebook and got the mean for each list using np.mean(). I wrote the results down and will also be doing the same thing I did in the notebook locally on my desktop computer just to confirm the results. By the looks of things, the WHERE results do not seem to indicate any differences of note between the prepositions - although I should probably discuss this with Simon and Mehdi before drawing any final conclusions. In other words, the results for the WHERE part are in.

I also loaded the vectors from ResNet into the notebook after Mehdi helped me get them into the data folders where I needed them. I then realised that I'm not entirely sure how to isolate the vectors that belong to the descriptions with the prepositions in question, so I have reached out to Mehdi about this.

What is left to do?

Once I know how to single out the vectors I need and to separate them by preposition as with the bounding boxes in the WHERE part, I shall see about getting measures for these vectors similarly to how I got them for the bounding box location vectors and then get the measures for variation of visual features too.

After that, I will need to discuss the results with Simon and/or Mehdi while also writing my project report and preparing the presentation for the 17/1 class.