Boarding - GandalfClub/gandalf-app GitHub Wiki

General flow

  1. Ask @Maksim_Kantsavy to invite you to team.
  2. Go to your github-related email and accept invitation.
  3. Our CD leads to (latest master state automatically deploys to heroku)
  4. Ask Katsiaryna Anuchyna to invite you to figma project.
  5. Go to task board
  6. Check tasks in Backlog column, choose one, move to In Progress column and set yourself as assignee.
  7. If your task is blocked for some reason (non clear requirements, or stuck with implementation) move to Blocked column and ask team in skype chat.
  8. After implementation is done create PR for your branch and ask team in skype to review it (test can be implemented after first review, to stabilize codebase).
  9. After PR reviewed and merged go to Board and move your task to Closed.

How to start application locally

Tech details

  • If you create or update /libs/common-components consider update demo page also
  • Reuse typographics and basic sizes (units) from variables.scss.
  • Each page or significant part of functionality must be implemented via separate folder in ./libs folder. Do to Development section of this wiki to more details.