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Live Your Most Bee Life Now!

Welcome to the Wiki For NotTheBee.com! You've found a great place for Christians to hang out on the series of tubes. We're kinda like twitter, but without a bunch of left-wing anti-anything-not-hard-line-democrat screeching trolls. Here you'll find a rundown of how to use the platform!

not the bees

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The Basics

Look at the top of the page. See that bar going across the top with some words and buttons? That is where you'll find the major parts and features of NtB: News Articles, Social, Groups, Profiles, a Shop, Search, Notifications, and the Content Menu.


News Articles

This is the public face of Not the Bee. If you don't subscribe then this is alllll ya get. Here you will find articles written by supremely witty authors about real new that just seems like it aught to be a Babylon Bee article.

trump fake news


On the Social tab of NtB you'll find posts from other members of NtB! You're welcome to post as well, but, please do try to keep it family friendly. If you've got an awesome meme with some naughty words. Maybe blur them out first and cover them with [Flowerbed]. If you're posting a video, please be sure to give a Flowerbed warning


Groups on NtB allow you to have a space to talk about topics. We've got all kinds of groups so far: Book Clubs, Theology, Tolkien Book Clubs (yes, multiple), C.S. Lewis Book Clubs (yes, multiple), Coding, Memes, Dad Jokes, Video Games, Economics, Podcasts Finances... You name it, we got it. If we don't, then maybe you can start one!


Aight, you probably already realized it when you were signing up but, yes YOU get a profile.

You get a profile

There's a description of yourself with the funny name that you change every 31.4159 hours, a list of all the glorious groups you've joined, your past posts/comments/mentions, and the groups that you've created!


Wait, NtB has SWAG?! Yeah-boiiiiii! Just a heads up, we've found the shirts tend to be a size too small. But otherwise everything is great!



Do I really need to spell this out? Type some thing in there and it'll seach for articles or users that match



K, this should be pretty obvious like everything else so far on this suuuper quick overview. Is a bell icon. If you see a red dot, it means you have a notification! Hooray! Read here for more info about how the Notification system works, and how you can use it to filter through the fluff to get some real meat 'n taters.


Content Menu

Here's where you can get to some less obvious things with NtB, like changing your user settings. The first few item's we've already covered briefly. But there's a few more