Connecting to a Server - GameProgressive/UniSpyServer GitHub Wiki

Connecting the Game to the Server

NOTE: The official server IP is (currently offline) for DNS or Hosts method, while is for patching the game.

There are currently 3 methods to connect a game into the Server.

  1. Patching the game
  2. Patching the hosts file
  3. Using a DNS Server

DNS server is the optimal choice for games that you cannot patch, but it does not support advanced security and you might need to patch the game in any case if the games uses a secure http connection.

Hosts file is recommended only for development purpose (as it does not require hosting any server) and for a limited range of game that you want to test, it will only work on the system where hosts file is supported.

Patching the game is the optimal choice for any need, it allows to bypass secure connection or allow the system to use a secure connection by modifying the GameSpy's domain.

NOTE: UniSpy has not been tested with any HTTPS or secure connection, keep that in mind before posting issues about that. We highly suggest disabling HTTPS in the games where possible.

Connecting to a DNS server

Simply modify the DNS configuration in your system to point to the server you want to connect.

Using hosts file

Modify the hosts file to include all the domains that your game will use, an example with Crysis2: <IP of the server> <IP of the server> <IP of the server> <IP of the server>

Patching the game (Manual)

Open your favorite hex editor and modify "" to any domain that your server wants to connect. Currently you also need to remove any "https" to "http" to disable security.