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What is it

Achievements based tasks completed. Its basically like playing a game, you struggle through doing a certain thing, lets say jumping on an enemy, you do this 10 times you receive a small notification saying you completed an achievement of jumping on 10 enemies and now you get so say you are an "enemy trampler" (as told to you by the notification).

Each of these tasks are tracked individually for completed points and xp earned from them.

Rewards are also able to be achieved. This is by completing tasks within a time window, the gained xp will then contribute to what rewards you are able to claim. This time window stops stacking xp over a large period and being traded in for many, many rewards. However achievements are continuous and are carried over from the time window.


  • Task- Jumping on enemies - Earns 10xp
  • Achievement - Enemy trampler - Earned by jumping on 10 enemies
  • Reward - A pair of Stomping Boots - Unlocked at 200xp
  • Time Window - 1hr

Of course trampling on enemies is only a small part of everyone's day, there are probably many more tasks that you might want to assign xp and achievements to so GameFace is configurable. It will also allow you to compete against your buddies and see who reigns supreme!