How to Use - GameDistribution/GD-iOS-AIR GitHub Wiki

Initialize GdAPI

/* jSON Params
 gid: Your game id
 userid: Your user id
 root: Root to detect the page
 this initialization also shows an interstitial ad if preroll is enabled on your profile.
GdAPI = new GDLogger({gid:"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",userid : "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX", root : root});
GdAPI.EnabledDebug = true; // enables you to see log messages

 BlockText: The message which will be shown where sites you blocked. You can specify your own site adress.
GdAPI.BlockText = "Please visit our site";     

 Listen events

 yourFunction: The function you created which will handle when the event is fired

Show Banner

There are two types ads which the developer can request for: Interstitial and banner ads.

  This function takes json params.
  _type: "insterstitial" or "banner"
  _aligntment: "left", "center" or "right" of the screen  * for banner ad
  _position: "top", "middle" or "bottom"  of the screen   * for banner ad
  _size: "banner", "large_banner", "medium_rectangle", "full_banner" or "leaderboard" 

GdAPI.ShowBanner({_key:"Level1",_type:"interstitial"}); // request interstitial

GdAPI.ShowBanner({_key:"Level1",_type:"banner", _alignment:"center",_position:"bottom", _size:"banner"}); // request banner

Banner Sizes

Banner Alignment and Position


 * Logger initializes the API.  You must create GDApi first before doing anything else. 
 * It is a singleton class.
 * @param   gID     Your game id from GameDistribution
 * @param   guid        Your game guid from GameDistribution
 * @param   root        Should be root to detect the page
    GDLogger({gid:gID,userid : guid, root : DisplayObject});

* API sends how many times 'Play Button' is clicked. If you invoke 'PlayGame' many times, 
 * it increases 'PlayGame' counter and sends this counter value. 

 * API sends how many times 'CustomLog' that is called related to given by _key name. 
 * If you invoke 'CustomLog' many times, it increases 'CustomLog' counter and 
 * sends this counter value. 
 * @param   _key        Your custom key it should be maximum 10 chars

 * API reshows banner. For example you need to show banner 
 * before starting a level, you can call ShowBanner({_key:"level1"}), 
 * if you need to show sample banner for ONLY test purpose, 
 * call ShowBanner({test:true})
 * @param   _key        It should be maximum 10 chars

 * It closes Banner

 * Sets the API to use SSL-only for all communication