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RML Document Structure

RML Element

All Rocket documents begin with the RML element. The element should contain two children, HEAD and BODY.

HEAD Element

The HEAD element contains information about the current document, such as its title, style and template information is references. No information in the header is rendered.

TITLE Element

The TITLE element contains the title of the document. This is often used for the specifying the contents of the title bar of a game window.

LINK Element

The LINK element is used to specify additional resources the document requires.

Attributes type = cdata (CI) Type of link, which should be one of: * text/rcss - Rocket Style Sheet Specification * text/template - Rocket Template * text/script - Rocket script

href = cdata (CS) Specifies the source URI, relative to the document being parsed.

BODY Element

The body of a document contains the document's content. All elements within the body tag is laid out and rendered by Rocket based on the active style sheets.