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Image decorator

The 'image' decorator can render a single image or a rectangular subsection of a single image. It has the following properties:

image-src | Value: | | | Initial: | not defined | | Percentages: | N/A |

This property defines the name (and, for file sources, the relative path) of the source image.

image-s-begin, image-t-begin | Value: || | | | | Initial: | 0 | | Percentages: | N/A |

image-s-end, image-t-end | Value: || | | | | Initial: | 1 | | Percentages: | N/A ||

These values specify the texture coordinates to use when rendering the image. Values have the following meanings:

number:: Expected to be a floating-point number from 0 to 1, this is the raw texture coordinate. length:: Expected to be expressed in 'px' units and from 0 to the length of the appropriate texture axis. The texture will be rendered from (for -begin) or to (for -end) this pixel. percentage:: The texture will be rendered from (for -begin) ot to (for -end) this far across the appropriate texture axis.

image-s A shorthand property for setting image-s-begin and image-s-end.

image-t A shorthand property for setting image-t-begin and image-t-end.

image A shorthand property for setting image-src, image-s-begin, image-t-begin, image-s-end and image-t-end.

/* Declares an image decorator. */
    avatar-decorator: image;
    avatar-image: player.png 0px 32px 32px 64px;

The image will be stretched or shrunk to render across the entire padded area of an element it is attached to.

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