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Documents derive from elements, so inherit their interface. The document-specific interface is similar to the C++ interface; refer there for the full functional documentation.


Python property Brief description Equivalent C++ methods
context Retrieves the document's context. GetContext()
title Gets / sets the document's title. GetTitle(), SetTitle()


The following methods are exported from the C++ interface.

| Python method | Brief description | | CreateElement() | Creates an element by tag name. | | CreateTextNode() | Creates a text element. | | Close() | Closes the document and destroys all child elements. | | Hide() | Hides the document. | | PullToFront() | Pulls to the document to the front of others with a similar z-index. | | PushToBack() | Pushes to the document behind others with a similar z-index. | | Show(flags = FOCUS) | Shows the document, optionally with focus flags. |

The flags available for the Show() function are the same as the C++ function. The flags are referenced in Lua as:

  • DocumentFocus.NONE or 0
  • DocumentFocus.FOCUS or 2
  • DocumentFocus.MODAL or 4