April 13 Documentation AK (Test Plan) - GaloisInc/HighAssuranceControllerOfSelfBalancingRobotCapstone GitHub Wiki


  1. ESP-32 and MKR1010 boards on 1 breadboard.
  2. Two MPU6050s set to the same angle.
  3. Calibration both MPU6050s.
    1. Red LED MPU: -752, -2120, 1234, 18, 2, -51 (accel xyz, gyro xyz)
    2. Green LED MPU: 1856, -307, 890, -153, 73, 27
  4. Oscilloscope with 2 probes to measure PWM output of both boards.
  5. Arduino code to output a PWM based on gyroscope input.


  1. Arduino, serial data is not being transferred. Seems like issues with PC since this did not occur before.
    1. Blink works properly; it has to be related to code.
    2. Rewrote code completely, likely missed an important bit. It seems to be working now.
  2. Setup blue Arduino Biasing again, setRate at 9.
  3. Setup ESP-32 testbench code.
    1. error: no matching function for call to 'min(int, double)'; Modified int to be double.
    2. Questions marks for output on serial; reupload old code again, worked.
  4. Code is working for both. Have to find a method for comparing PWM output based on MPU input.


  1. Measured PWM output of boards with MPU6050.
    1. All output duty cycles were within 5% and all frequencies were within 5%.
    2. Noticed issues with overflow difference between both at 100%.
    3. MKR does not overflow, but ESP32 does overflow. Should investigate.